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We Play Hardball With E–commerce Websites

Your E–commerce Website is Your Pathway to Local, National and Global Markets

When you center your design on the customer, and focus that design around the customer experience, then include quality design, functionality, and user-friendly navigation, you put your website presence above your competition.

Search Engine Friendly E–commerce Website

Specializing in online payment transactions As a marketing firm that is designed to meet your needs, Hardball Media Group offers the greatest opportunity to market your website to reach your target market with your goods, products and services.

We offer a complete E–commerce website solution, that makes using a credit card on your website the easiest possible transaction, for the lowest possible fee to you and your business.

Our specialty is designing websites that make it simple for your target audience to use the search engines to find your website above your completion, and making it easy for them to purchase your offerings online.

We specialize in not only getting you found, but marketing your product specifically to your target audience in the demographic region of your choosing.

At Hardball Media Group, we want you to get back to running your business without having to worry about your pages being indexed*, your business being found online, and people coming to your website or business to buy or fulfill your desired actions.

* (index is a technical term meaning to list your site on the search engine results pages, so that when someone searches for your specialty you’re found).

Social Media Selling and Campaigns

social media selling Your customers are spending one out of every five Internet minutes on Facebook. Add in the other social media sites of Instagram, Twitter and others, who has time for running a business? That is why you hire us to play Hardball! Because we believe that there are really only three reasons to have an online presence:
  1. Engagement: You or your business is communicating with clients, potential clients, family or friends
  2. Economy: You or your business is contributing to the local economy by selling a offering a product or service
  3. Entertainment: You or your business is the Internet for strictly entertainment purposes

With existing customers being Customers can easily share products from your E–commerce site with their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Interest and more. Learn more.

Gift cards and coupon codes

Hardball Media Group can tailor your social media campaigns to direct shoppers to purchase gift cards offering enticing coupon codes that allow for a customizable percentage or dollar amount off the purchase price.

This is an awesome way to have your products or service presented as a gift, and gain new customers from up-selling, or selling that service or product again.

Email Marketing

Our marketing staff can use an email inbox to keep current and prospective customers up to speed on your latest products, promotions and company news with product offerings, discounts and on the spot sales of your products goods and services.

Ready for a Quote?

We would love to handle your social media marketing and campaigns, for a no-obligation quote, use this link
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