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Hardball Media Group is not your typical online marketing agency...

Our company’s main focus is on getting you results, no matter what we are doing. When it comes to pay-per-click marketing, we pay very close attention in driving leads, sales, fulfillment and conversions, all while focusing on reducing costs to you for irrelevant clicks and poorly thought keywords that don’t convert into the desired goal.

Our goal is and always will be to do what brings you what you need as our client. In the most simplistic form, we impliment a plan for your pay per click marketing, evaluate that plan, and reconfigure or scrap that plan if it doesn’t bring you what you need.

In other words: If you’re not getting the results, why are you using that plan in the first place. We do what works best – and throw out the rest.

Our Pay-Per-Click specialists get results while saving clients time, resources and energy.

With each client’s needs being unique, Hardball Media Group designs a campaign to complement that individuality. The “business in a box” approach really doesn't work anyway, and many times, the rules with Internet Marketing can change overnight. Our company stays on top of those rules, while improving our client’s key metrics such as: Click Through Rate (CTR), conversions, and reading and iterpeting the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), all to bring you the quality you deserve, and we play hardball with your competition.

Our pay-per-click marketing doesn’t follow the rules, but our approach colors ‘outside the lines’ bringing you methods of marketing not only a website but bringing you the possiblity that go beyond what other marketing firms to to bring you the increase.

We actually study not only the traffic of a website, but work that traffic into a funneled approach of your traffic to see where you traffic goes on your site, why they clicked on your call-to-action, and attempt to process why they did or did not follow through with converting into a sale.

Our goal is to make sure that you’re getting the best possible results both online and in the real-world, making your website more than just an online billboard.

Are you ready to get started? Please fill out our Internet Marketing Consultation form and one of our pay-per-click marketing specialists will get in touch with you to start bringing you results.
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