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Are You Engaging Your Customers & Potiental Clients on Social Media

Hardball Media Group Social Engagement Professionals feels that it is paramount that you or your company is engaged on the social media platforms. The fact of the matter is, if your not paying attention to your the social media platforms regarding your brand, you’re missing out on potiential sales and customers.

Extend your engagement while boosting conversion

Your customers are spending one out of every five Internet minutes on Facebook.

It is our belief that there are really only three reasons to have an online presence:
  1. Engagement: You’re communicating with clients, potiental clients, family or friends
  2. Economy: You’re contributing to the local economy by selling a offering a product or service
  3. Entertainment: You’re using the Internet for strictly entertainment purposes
Social media advertising is a huge opportunity for audience engagement. Hardball Media Group brings you the ability to reach a captive audience targeting your potiental clients as they engage with friends, family, and peers with your products, goods and services.

If people do not know your company, what you offer, who you are, then it will be highly unlikely that you’re going to be able to make the impact you desire online or offline. Social Media is the most effective way to get a message to the masses, and have that message even be carried to other people to thousands or even millions of people at the click of a mouse.

Want to make the most of your social campaign?

Are you ready to take an audience&first approach and keep your customers engaged as they move between the various social media channels? Hardball Media Group plans, activates, and analyzes your campaign across multiple channels, letting you get busy in running your business.

Ready to let Hardball Media Group to start making a social impact for you? Fill out the social media quote form and get a no-obligation quote to begin your social-media campaign.

Our Social Media Packages Include:

Bronze Package

A great fit for a start-up business on a budget or a company that wants an online presence while keeping a modest client base. This package includes up to 3½ hours of content management a month on up to 2 social media sites.

Silver Package

For businesses wanting to increase their business by widening your reach, and using social media to produce sales or bring people to your location for special offerings or events.With people spending more time on social media sites, you can reach a greater audience on a daily basis.

This package include 5½ hours of content management a month on up to 3 social media platforms.

Gold Package

This level will give your business significant presence and reach in the world using social media. This includes 7½ hours of content management on 4 or more social media sites and includes content writing and research.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Social Media Package is a customizable package for larger companies that require more research, posting, and integrated strategies with your content campaigns. This is a perfect fit for a company looking to grow its social reach before hiring a full-time Social Media Community Manager, or for a company in between hires. Including 9½ hours a month devoted to your social media campaigns. At
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