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Making Your Brand Known Throughout Your Target Market & Beyond

Brand: A defined mental association and reputation of a person, product or service that distinguishes them from competitors, establish them through various advertising, communication methods and word-of-mouth distribution.

Let’s have a conversation of how to build your brand, leverage your expertise, and monetize your authenticity beyond just people who do know you, to people that should know you too! I am a brand strategist and that can help you establish, repair or consolidate your business or personal brand.

As a brand strategists Hardball Media Group can help you identify your brands:
  1. Strengths
    • Identifying your strengths and weakenesses can assure a stronger public presentation, and allow the places of struggle opportunity to become a place of focus to strengthen.
    • Does the general public see your brand, company or product as a worthwhile investment, or does it just exist without gaining the attention it deserves? We can show you how the general public percieves you, helping the to bring public awareness of your business or product as well as understand the value it brings.
    • What does your advertizing, print media and messaging ‘say’ to your target market or the general public? Is it memorable? Does it create a lasting impression? Does your competititors?
A brand is NOT a logo. Don’t make the mistake of seeing your brand as just an image. Your brand is what represents you and speaks to the integrity, strength and power of you, your product or your service.
  1. Weaknesses
    • Is the public speaking and discussing about your product, service and is it positive. Are you being discussed on social media outside of the business and why or why not? What is being discussed?
    • Is your brand memorable or catching on? Does it represent who you as a company are? If you desire to grow than your reputation matters, is it tarnished, and how do we fix it? Hardball Media can help answer these questions.
    • Are the weaknesses internal or external. Since your customers put you in business, how is your customer service, and is it being talked about or referred?
  1. Opportunities
    • Is your business missing income because of the PESTAL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal) or ALVM (Activity, Location, Visibility, Memorability) factors? How can it be changed?
    • Is your marketing consistant, on time, functional and causing results in sales and reputation? Have are you missing or have you missed opportunities because it isn’t? Since business is about people, and people are defined by their hospitality, what could be done to increase that factor?
    • What is your competitor offering that is removing sales from your business? have you protected your business products with a trademark (™) or do you hold the copyright (E) and do you know the difference? Are you truely competitive or just bouncing to make waves?
  1. Threats
    • Is the appearance of new or stronger competitors beating you online or at your location? Is bad or false public relations?
    • Has the emergence new and unique technologies made your marketing irrelavent? Your products or services? How do we change that?
    • Have their been shifts in the size or demographic composition of your market area? Does your media represent those shifts?
Public reputation and associations Online reputation Monetization (making money) of you or your business The key with branding is getting people to talk about you, your product or service to begin establishing and reinforcing a reputation that benefits the public. As a brand strategist, my job is taking you beyond just being identified by a logo, and trying to get people talking about you or your business to cause word of mouth advertising, and ultimately growth, sales and referrals. Interested? click the “contact me” linked to this page and let’s have a conversation about building and establishing your brand.
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